Important Information

Check-In, Check-Out

You will be provided a code and Check-In begins at 4:00 p.m. and Check-Out is 10 a.m.  Due to the high volume of activity during the summer season and the time required to clean all the homes between renters, we are not able to accommodate late check-out or early check-in times during the prime season.  PLEASE REVIEW THE CHECKOUT PROCEDURES PRIOR TO CHECKOUT FOUND IN YOUR GUEST INFORMATION BOOK AS WELL AS ABOVE THE DESK IN THE HOME.

Housekeeping & Linen Supplies

All of our homes provide bed linens (sheets, pillow cases & bedspread/comforter) as well as towels and washcloths but you will have to make the beds up when you arrive.  You must bring your own personal beach towels. Your vacation home will have a starter roll of toilet paper in the bathrooms. You are responsible for your own usage of toilet paper during your stay.  The Cleaning Fee is to turn the sheets and towels, and prep the floors, bedrooms and bathrooms for the next week’s guest, please leave the kitchen area and refrigerator as you found it when you arrived.  Thank you.

Telephone – Internet Service – Electricity – Satellite TV

The refrigerators will take some time to get back to temperature after sitting empty all day and being filled full, give it 12 hours.  Any interruption of phone, electric or satellite service caused by weather or other reasons unforeseen by Rent Our Lake House, does not constitute grounds for a refund.  The internet is the best available but has limited bandwidth, it is provided for basic email and web surfing, high bandwidth features like video streaming will not always be available.   There are plenty of alternative viewing options on our cable TV service.

Gas Grills & Outdoor Fireplace

Gas grills and LP gas are provided for your use, but do so with great caution and heed any warning labels on the grills and tanks. If you run out of gas or the grease pan fills up, please contact the guest coordinator.  There is a timer on the gas line that you must set prior to starting the gas grill.   If you have an outdoor fireplace and or fire pit, these are wood burning only.  There is a fire extinguisher mounted by the grill.

Lost & Found

Rent Our Lake House is not responsible for any items lost during your stay or left after your departure. If you find that you are missing something after your leave, contact our guest coordinator. We will do our best to locate the missing items and return them to you.


The property owners do everything possible to keep all equipment in good working order.  However, it is impossible to guarantee that all appliances, hot tubs, hot water heaters, etc will be working 100% of the time. We do strive to correct deficiencies as soon as possible. Report all maintenance problems immediately to the guest coordinator.  Be certain to leave your name and description of the problem so we may expedite corrective service. Please take reasonable action to secure the problem as not to incur unnecessary damage. In the event maintenance must be performed, we will do our best to do so without inconvenience to you.

Dock Safety

I would bring plenty of life vests and/or swim noodles for floating off the dock.  There is no power run to our docks for safety purposes.  If you need power near the dock, there are outlets on the landings or by the path to the dock.  Do not stand on or jump off of the railings and life vests should be worn when swimming.  If the dock needs adjusted, please let us know and we can send someone.

Lake and Terrain Safety

Norris Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by tree covered mountains.  Please use caution when using steps or when walking around the property.  Because most houses are built on the side of hills including ours, the driveways are steeper than you are likely used to, use caution when driving on the driveway.   It is recommended that life vests or flotation devices are worn at all times when boating, on the dock or using any water toys and the slide.


Rent Our Lake House and our property owners make every effort to assure that all our descriptions and representations from our staff, brochures, and website are accurate. However, we are not responsible for printing errors, changes made by owners in the furnishings and amenities. Prices, amenities, specials, seasons, minimums, and/or maximums are subject to change with or without notice.