Renter Information

Rent Our Lake House
6724 Perimeter Loop Drive #162
Dublin, OH 43017
Rental Agreement
This Agreement, made on ___________________by and between Rent Our Lake House (Lessor) and ____________________________(Lessee). The Lessor, in consideration of the policies and agreements to be kept and performed, leases to the Lessee the premises at:
Southern Comfort II 888 Waterfront Trails La Follette, TN 37766

Max Occupancy up to 28
subject to the terms and conditions below.

The Lessee agrees to pay as rent for the said premises the stated amount in the payment request plus 9.25% Tennessee sales tax, 5% Resort Lodging Tax, and cleaning fee. The total rental fee is due 90 days prior to the date of reservation. A full refund is provided if canceled prior to 90 days. The term of this agreement will begin at 4:00 p.m. on __________, 20__ and will end at 10:00 a.m. on _________, 20__.
1. Lessee accepts the above premises and furnishings in working order and good condition and agrees to maintain same in such working order and good condition as long as Lessee shall occupy the premises, and to return the premises to the Lessor at the termination of residency in as good order and condition, although reasonable light wear and tear is expected.
2. Lessee’s liability for damages to the premises or furnishings shall not be limited to the amount of the said security deposit (aka damage deposit) or damage protection coverage, but said liability shall include full payment of restoration or repair or damaged premises or furnishings. Lessee will be responsible for payment to Lessor for all damages of any type above and beyond your security deposit or damage protection coverage and will replace and restore all objects, which are lost, broken and damaged.
3. No activity will be carried on in the above premises, which will disturb other occupants, or other neighbors and Lessee will not allow any nuisance to occur or exist. Good housekeeping habits will be exercised so as to prevent insect, bug or rodent infestation or other hazards. No accumulation of garbage or refuse inside or outside the premises will be permitted. All trash must be bagged and put in outside containers. If trash is in excess and containers are at full capacity, please contact guest coordinator.
4. Lessor shall have free access at reasonable times to the premises in order to inspect, examine and exhibit the same or make needed repairs, and Lessor shall have the right of entry in the event of an emergency, nuisance, or disturbance, in the opinion of the Lessor, and such entry shall not violate the Lessee’s rights, nor shall the Lessor incur any liability to the Lessee.
5. No pets or animals of any kind whatsoever shall be kept, allowed or permitted on or in the premises unless it is specified in the contract. Any pet(s) in the premises will result in withholding of your security deposit (aka damage deposit) and is reason for immediate eviction.
6. No smoking of any kind whatsoever shall take place inside the premises. Any smoking in or around the premises will result in withholding of your security deposit (aka damage deposit) and immediate eviction.
7. The above premises shall not be sub-rented or sub-leased or sub-loaned; nor shall this rental agreement be assigned to anyone without prior written consent of Lessor. Occupancy of the above premises and use of the furnishings therein shall be limited to the Lessee, and the Lessee’s guests and invitees, who shall not exceed the maximum listed in this contract. This number includes children. We ask that you respect these guidelines. We must be very strict in enforcing these guidelines and should the actual numbers in the unit exceed the limit, you will be asked to leave the unit without a refund.
8. It is expressly agreed by and between the parties that Lessor is exempted and held harmless from any and all liability, and any damage or injury to any person or property caused by or resulting from falling trees, fire, steam, electricity, water, rain, ice, snow, or leak from or flow from, or into, any part of said property or building, or from all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from use of the premises and its contents regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss, and shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims whatsoever, it being understood by and between the parties that this clause is material to the making of this agreement, and is a significant part of consideration relative to the amount of rent paid by Lessee. This obligation of the Lessee shall further apply to all of Lessee’s guests, invitees, business associates, and all other persons present or permitted on subject property under the direction or permission of the Lessee.
9. Lessee shall be solely responsible for any thefts, acts of vandalism, or other damage or loss of personal property which may occur during the course of this agreement, whether said damage or loss be the property of Lessee or to the Lessee’s guests, associates, invitees, or any other person or persons.
10. Lessee understands that the rental offers an optional property damage protection policy providing up to $1,500 in accidental damage protection provided Lessee notifies the owner of any damage and assists the owner in making a claim. Lessee understands that Lessee is responsible for damage beyond the coverage provided by the damage protection and/or the security deposit (aka damage deposit). Lessee is also responsible for damage that would have been covered by the accidental damage insurance if Guests/Lessee fails to advise the Owner or Guest Coordinator of the damage and provide the necessary information that would allow the Owner to file a claim against the policy. The security deposit (aka damage deposit) is also to protect the owners from violations of the no smoking, no pets and excessive cleaning required policies. As long as there is no damage which is not covered by the property damage protection and no evidence of smoking or pets in the premises and excessive cleaning is not required, then the full damage deposit will be returned in a timely manner.
11. Lessor’s Tenants expressly recognize that any insurance for property damage or loss which the Landlord may maintain on the property does not cover the personal property of Tenants, and that Tenants should purchase their own insurance for Tenants and Guests if such coverage is desired.
12. The names and address of the parties to this Agreement are as follows:
Lessor: Rent Our Lake House
6724 Perimeter Loop Drive #162
Dublin, OH 43017
Lessee(s): _______________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________
13. If Lessee violates or breaches any term or condition of this rental agreement then this lease shall immediately terminate. Upon termination, Lessee shall vacate premises and Lessor shall be entitled to any and all remedies under law.
14. This lease incorporates the entire agreement between the parties, and no oral modification hereto shall be recognized as binding, regardless of the conduct of the parties, unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.
15. The use of the singular herein shall be construed to include the plural and the use of the plural shall be construed to include singular. The use of the masculine gender herein shall be construed to include the feminine and neuter gender and the use of the feminine gender shall be construed to include the masculine and neuter gender.
16. Lessee and guests, invitees, business associates, and all other persons present or permitted on subject property under the direction or permission of the Lessee agrees to abide by Lessor’s house rules, policies and guidelines, as they may be amended from time to time, as stated at Lessor’s website, which is incorporated here by reference. Lessee further agrees to abide by all laws, ordinances and regulations of any state, county and municipal authorities.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, parties have agreed to and have accepted the foregoing on the date first above written.
Rent Our Lake House, LESSOR Date
LESSEE(s) Signature Date

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